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Our Vision:

Is to create systems that practice waste avoidance, minimization, reuse, recycling, and composting downstream. Revolutionary Green understands each special event, institution, and commercial business is unique, and each one will need to be customized to fit our clients' needs. Additionally, we understands that Zero Waste is truly a journey that doesn't happen over night and takes time to reach specific diversion targets. With over a decade of experience, Revolutionary Green can assist your event or organization meet or exceed its goals through proper planning, data gathering, and concise reporting. Our track record has proven waste diversion numbers over 94% from landfill year after year.

Our Story

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Meet the Team!


Teresa Bradley


Teresa Bradley has over a decade of experience in resource recovery and zero waste. She started Revolutionary Green as a community need in December 2008 while living in Marin County California. While moving to San Francisco in 2009, she quickly realized many events were striving for Zero Waste due to the mandatory recycling and composting ordinance that was pasted that year. Since then her main focus and expertise has been spent on event greening. Naturally, as time progressed, she started to also gain experience with a few consulting firms providing waste characterization studies, recycling technical assistance and reporting in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2011.

Teresa holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco with an emphasis in Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Development.

Salvaging Wood

Jeff Tuite

Director  of Operations

Jeff Tuite received his start with Revolutionary Green working for some of the companies large-scale events such as the Marin County Fair, Dolores Park during Pride, and the Fremont Festival of the Arts in 2012 . Today, he supports and operates all aspects on the ground including crew recruitment, partner support, crew management, and eco friendly tear down methods at events.

Jeff loves operating and managing Zero Waste Events, hanging out with his chickens, and cooking when he's not busy.


Kelsey Smith

Zero Waste Specialist  

Kelsey received her start with Revolutionary Green in 2016 after working for Green Waste in Palo Alto as an Environmental Outreach Coordinator. Her area of expertise resides in commercial waste audits and recycling/composting technical assistance.

Kelsey loves running, Zumba, greening up her community, and Disney!