Zero Waste Events

Revolutionary Green has many years experience planning, supporting, and on-the-ground support for Zero Waste Events. Whether a small graduation party or a 500,000 person festival. Most of our events exceed 85% diversion from landfill!

Waste Audit

When it comes to characterizing solid waste streams, we’ll get our hands dirty—so you don’t have to. We collect accurate, consistent data our clients can confidently use to inform a broad spectrum of programs, from zero waste planning to comprehensive solid waste management and policy making.


Outreach and Engagement

Revolutionary Green understands that effective outreach and engagement goes beyond simply creating fliers and knocking on doors; it begins in the design stage by building a deep understanding of the intended audience. We understand that getting results means meeting audiences on their terms, not ours.


Zero Waste is good for people, profit, and planet

By going Zero Waste, many businesses and special events have saved money by reducing or eliminating waste and created ''Green Collar Jobs'' in the process.  According to a report put out in 2008 by the Institute for Local Self Reliance, aiming for Zero Waste is the fastest, cheapest, and most effective strategy for combating climate change, creating a green economy, and putting more people to work. Click here to read the full article.